WOD - Monday, 8.3.2015

Good news everyone, we ordered two brand new fans that move twice as much air as the one we already have. They should be in this week.

In an effort to make Hero WOD Fridays more personal, we decided to start building some "Hometown Hero WODs". Many  of you have friends or family who were lost too soon providing public service, be it military, police, fire, or other. We want to know about those people and we want to honor them with a workout in their name. Please send an email to Anita@ActiveLifeAthletics.com including the following:

1. Name of Person to be honored 
2. Branch of Service
3. How that person gave their life
4. 100 Words or less about the person
5. Whether they would prefer an endurance workout or a strength workout
6. A photo (if you have one)

Once we have received all of your entries, we will begin writing workouts to go with them and we will choose which person we honor on each Friday based on which workout best fits the programming for the rest of the week (Remember we only have 52 Fridays and a few holidays a year, so we will do our best to get as many in the programming as we can). 

All submissions must be in by 8/16


Inch Worm+Push Up one length
10 single Leg Toe Touches
10 Cossacks (each side)
1 minute plank hold
5 Wall Balls as high as possible

Back Squat 5x2@80% (deload)

3x3 min AMRAP with 1 min. rest:
10 Burpees
5 Handstand Push Ups
3 Box Jumps (36/30)


400m run, 12 beat swings, 10 HR push ups, 10 bottom of the burpee, 4x on each leg knee to chest to sprinter with rotation.

3 rounds of 16 reverse lunges with a plate (45/25#), Single arm high pulls (26/35#), 10 inch worms

Row 400m, 21 burpee over box, Row 400m, 15 burpee over box, Row 400m 9 burpee over box