WOD - Wednesday, 8.26.2015

Congratulations Shaun and Kathleen Cleary! After a 36 HOUR AMRAP, Thomas "Supercleary" Cleary was born! He weighs 7 pounds, everyone is healthy. We can't wait to see another baby in the gym. Active Life Athletics - CrossFit Island Park, still the most fertile gym in the world.

Remember to Sign up for Friday Night Lights! We will use the sign up sheet for workout programming, equipment, and of course food order. Remember, it's BYOBAD (bring your own booze and driver), plan to hang out after.

Warm Up (not heat up, you can heat up on an elliptical, but we don't have those)

1 minute Double Unders/Attempts

10 Single Leg Toe Touches (each leg) (Is leg straight, back stiff?)
5 Bull Dogs (Do you get looser each rep?)
1 minute Straight Arm Plank Hold (could your core be tighter, butt lower?)
10 Diamond Push Ups (how is your depth?)

5 Kossacks (each side) (How is your range and balance?)
3 Hiedens (Single Leg Lateral Jumps/each side) (How is your distance and balance?)

With empty barbell:
5 Clean Lift Offs (How is your positioning?)
5 Clean Pulls (How is your timing? consistent?)
5 Power Cleans (How is your bar path and elbow whip?)
5 Strict Press (Are you tight throughout and moving quickly?)
5 Push Jerks with pause at bottom of dip (How is your positioning in the dip?)
5 Push Jerks + squat as low as possible with same grip (How is your stability and balance in your catch position?)
5 Push Jerks (Can you put it all together with some speed?)


0-7 minutes: Build to heavy 2 Power Clean+1 Strict Press
7-14 minutes: Build to a heavy Power Clean+Push Jerk


AMRAP in 10 minutes:

8 Burpees Over the Bar
15 Deadlifts (225/145)
30 Double Unders


Warm up

400m run, 3 rounds of 10 hollow rocks, 10 lemon squeezes, 10 beat swings, 10 leg swings in each direction. After: 10x boot strap, 5x inch worm +1 push up


8 min AMRAP: 12 russian KB swings (70/53), 24 jumping lunges, 12 situps


10 min ARAMP: 8 Toes 2 bar, 10 goblet squats (70/53), 8 H-R push ups