WOD - Tuesday, 4.3.2016

What was your favorite moment of the OPEN???

What was your favorite moment of the OPEN???

SummerFit Challenge kicks off tomorrow!  If you're at the 930AM or 6PM class, you'll do you're group's programming, or if you're not part of the challenge you can just take your pick!  If you're not able to make one of those classes but are part of the challenge you can do the WOD during whatever class you come to or make it up during Open Gym or the weekends!  We'll go over the flow of everything so it doesn't run over in class!


A) Shoulder press: A) Find a 1RM B) Perform 1 x 20 @ 55% or 1RM with a slower down, faster up tempo. How long does it take you to complete the set? How many breaths do you take in the 20 seconds after you're done with the set?

B) WOD: Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes: 10 HSPU 20 1 arm KB snatch (10 each arm) 53/35# 10 Toes to bar 20 alternating pistols 10 hang power clean 115/75# 20 OHS 115/75

*Snatches are from the hang* Scaling: HSPU - pike push up on box TTB - hanging knee raises. Work the kip not the toes to bar Pistols - 30 alternating box step ups above knee height OHS - if full range and control is not capable scale to front squat


A) With a partner Buy in: 100 burpees Then: 8 rounds: I go, you go 10 KB snatches 10 Box jump overs 10 KB swings 60M sprint Cash out : 100 walking lunges


A) Work up to a heavy single back Squat

B) Superset:
1) Back Squat 3 x 5 @ 80% of daily single
2) 5 Bulgarian split squat each le



3 rounds (QUAL): 15 hollow rocks, 15 lemon squeezes, 20m OH walking lunges (35/25#), 12 push ups


5 RFT: 5 burpees, 10 ground to OH (45/25#), 5 pull ups, 10 RKB swings (70/53#)