WOD - Thursday, 5.5.2016

Special Announcement!

A giant congratulations goes out to our 4 Masters Athletes that qualified for Regionals and came very close to qualifying for the 2016 CrossFit Games. We are all very proud and inspired by your hard work and dedication and continued success year after year in this sport. 

This is how they finished their 2016 season world wide....

Greg Tricola (Masters 40-44+) 86th in the world

Molly Zarba (Masters 55-59+) 102 in the world

June Schecter (Masters 60+)  23rd in the world

Ginny Jager (Masters 60+)    32nd in the world

BAE Watch

A) Death by burpees Directly into Death by squats

 Rest 3 min

B) 5 rounds 10 wall ball 10 sit ups

Jacked and Tan

A) 5 rounds: 10 strict pull-ups 10 seated front raises 10 banded tricep extensions 200m Sprint rest 2 min

B) 3 sets: 10 skull crushers 10 Barbell bicep curl


A) 5 rounds: 200m sprint 6-6 single box step ups (26/18#) rest 2 min.

B) 3 RFT: 12 Hollow rocks 12 v- ups 24 KB swings (53/35#)