2017 CrossFit Island Park Open Team Competition

@supercleary - Group Photo Post 16.5

@supercleary - Group Photo Post 16.5

The CrossFit Games Open is a 5-week competition beginning on Thursday, February 23rd when CrossFit releases the first workout. Athletes will have until the following Monday to complete the workout and to submit their score online. A new workout will be released every Thursday the following four weeks. Only those who do all of the workouts RX will have a chance to make it to the next stage of competition.

For us at CrossFit Island Park, we have created a Team Open in order to encourage participation in the CrossFit Games Open by our members and coaches. We think competition brings out the best in people, creates camaraderie, and inspires others. We want to create an environment for our members- no matter the fitness level- in which they feel comfortable taking on the Open. What better way than to have teams?! 

CrossFit Island Park members need to sign-up at the front desk to participate in our Team Open by Monday, February 13th. 
The cost is $20
Be sure to write down your t-shirt/tank size. 
Each team will have a different color shirt/tank.

Teams will earn points as follows:

+2: We are not requiring members to sign-up for the CrossFit Games Open online this year, but we will give 5 points to every person who does sign-up for it. The cost is $20.00 and allows you to see how you compare with the world. You can go here to register:


+2: There is a judges’ course that you can take for the CrossFit Games Open to learn about movement standards and what counts as a good rep or not. Participants in the ALL IN Open will have their workouts judged. We will give 5 points to every person who completes the judges’ course and turns in a certificate of completion. The cost is $10.00. You can go here to take the course:


+5: Team with the most showing on Saturday for the open workout as a group.

+3: 1st place team avg score for the week.

+2: 2nd place team avg score for the week.

+1: 3rd place team avg score for the week.

+3: The top three male and female athletes for each workout in each division (RX, scaled) will earn 3 points for their team.

+2: 2 points will be award to anyone who PRs a lift during an open workout, gets their first muscle up or pull-up or betters their score on a repeat open workout from a previous year.

+1: 1 point will be awarded to a team who has a member willing to do the Open workout in a head-to-head format on Thursday night following the workout announcement at 9pm. 

+5: One male and one female athlete each week will be designated “Spirit of the Open” and will earn 5 points for his or her team. This athlete will not necessarily be the athlete with the best score but will be someone who persevered in a workout as well as supporting the rest of the members.

+5: Most spirited team for each week. This is loudest team and most decked out in team colors.

-1: If you re-do a workout. 

Teams are invited to come to the gym on Thursday nights at 8 pm for the live announcement of the CrossFit Games Open workout. We invite athletes from each team go head-to-head immediately following the announcement so come cheer them on.

Workouts will be performed on Saturday mornings during regular class times whether you are signed up for the Open or not so you might as well sign-up. You’ll get a t-shirt!

If you cannot be there on a Saturday, ask your Coaches when you can do the workout.

All score sheets must be submitted by Monday at 5 p.m. in order to earn points.

At the end of the 5 weeks, the winning team for the CrossFit Island Park Open will be announced.

This team competition is not about being the best athlete in the gym. It is about being YOUR best. It is about building the community within our gym. It is about challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone and having fun.

Please sign up ASAP. This way the coaches can get the teams together and the shirts/tanks will be here by the 17.1 (the first workout.)
Remember: Try to make it to open prep as much as possible. The class workouts will prepare you as well. 

Any questions, please direct them to
Coach Rob Moloney

What's Your "Why" ?

What's Your Why?
Why do you do CrossFit?
What is CrossFit to you?
What are you training for?


Think about these. Doesn't respond right away. You don't even have to share your answers, but answer them for yourself. "Why?", do you ask? Because, your hard work in the gym and hard earned dollars spent to train in this enviornement will hold much more value.

What's your why? Why are you involved in CrossFit? If you're a coach or owner, you should have two different whys.

As a coach, my why has a few components. It is my job and heading in the direction of a career. It is my sole source of income. On top of that, I don't really view it as work most of the time. I've had no other job that brings the level of satisfaction that coaching CrossFit has brought me. I wake up at 4:30am 5 days a week and it is now my norm. I began coaching in 2013 and dove head first right into it. I started spending more and more hours in he gym. I'd observe, listen and take notes in classes. Then I'd go home and watch YouTube videos of CrossFit lectures and read the CrossFit Journal. There is a ton of free information out there and it's good stuff. Never in my life have I been so eager to learn. I'd like to go back to college Rob and talk some sense into him. Everything happens for a reason I guess. Over the last 3+ years, I've learned to take something positive out of every situation. Even if it's simply a learning experience. It has helped shape the person I am today. I love being a coach. The relationships I have made, built and grown with are priceless. I have had the opportunity to coach people of all ages (11-70), cultures and races. I've coached family and friends as well. I share my knowledge and experience of fitness with everyone I can. To help a member fix their snatch form or help a drop in with pull-ups, it's such a rewarding aspect that I sometimes take for granted. Not many jobs have that. I can communicate with people who speak any language as well as deaf and blind people through our common language of body movement. Fitness is a universal language that is visual and tactical. So three plus years and thousands of hours into this lifestyle, my why has not changed but it has grown. I expect it to continue to grow and I pursue more in this industry. 

Why do I do CrossFit? It's must simpler than my why as a coach. 
I love to train and I love to compete. I'm a results driven individual with a lot of passion for this sport, lifestyle and community. It's not that I enjoy the pain that comes along with the training, but I enjoy the end result. It give value and purpose to my training. 

What is CrossFit to you?
If I coached your foundations or elements classes, you may remember my personal definition of CrossFit. Although CrossFit HQ defines it as constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity, it's much more than a scientific definition. I also don't suggest you use those words when explaining CrossFit to someone. Yes, CrossFit is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program designed to help the body move, feel and look better while preparing you to be physically fit for everyday life. My personal definition is simple. 

CrossFit is:
B- Community
C- Lifestyle
D- Sport

The WOD (workout of the day) and the community is 99.9% the essence. If they didn't exist, CrossFit as we know it would not exist. The community and atmosphere created in each box is what creates the results and in turn is why I work in this business. It becomes a lifestyle for many people. I am walking proof that it changes people. I was a bartender/partier/runner before I began CrossFit. Finally, it is a sport. A rapidly growing sport at that. There are many extremely talented athletes out there and less than 0.5% of the global CrossFit community are the professional athletes. This doesn't mean give up on competing. Having goals is what makes it all worth while. And their are also completions out there on every level. We just had one in June for every level athlete to participate in.

What are training for?

This can be anything. 
Do you want to...
...Lose 10, 20, 100lbs?
...Run a 5k or Spartan Race or marathon?
...Compete locally, regionally or at the CF Games?

Have a purpose in what you do and why you train. 
You want to look good naked. With the lights on. Everybody does!
All I am trying to say is that if you have a purpose for training, then your training will have much more purpose and you can hold yourself accountable. Be driven to attain your goals, whatever they may be.


- Coach Rob Moloney




In 2 weeks, our current training cycle will be coming to an end, and we will be doing some re-testing to see the changes we’ve made and prepare for the next cycles.  Much of the structure will remain the same for the next 8 week cycle beginning August 22nd and finishing October 21st, but there will be some differences.  We want to make sure you understand the what, when and why of what we’ve been doing and will be doing going forward so that you can better prepare and adjust according to your training goals.

For the last 10 weeks, we have varied our strength on Mondays with Olympic Lifts, squatting and deadlifting for either strength or endurance based on previous tests.  Tuesday IWTs have also varied different lifts, but kept a fairly consistent structure (i.e. 3 rounds with 2 minutes rest etc).  Wednesdays have been dedicated mostly to Performance Care type strength work and gymnastics skills.  Thursdays have been packed with barbell cycling as well as overall conditioning, and of course, Fridays have featured Jacked and Tan and Baewatch work outs.

Below you will find the structure for the next 8 weeks and the purpose for each part.  Be sure to read through the reasoning and expectations for each session.



Strength: Back Squats and Deadlifts based off of single leg strength and endurance.

WODS: Short, fast, power intervals.

Squatting vs. Step Ups will depend on single leg strength vs squatting strength.  We will test these in the week prior to beginning the cycle.

Endurance vs Strength will be retested for deadlifts and we will continue to work them accordingly.

We will continue to work on shorter, high intensity interval pieces on Mondays to develop anaerobic power (quick and fast burners).  This does not mean the work outs will all be short or have low amounts of work.  They will just be structured so you work hard and fast, rest, then repeat.    




We will continue to work our IWTs (interval weight training) but the structure will vary and will include the Olympic lifts each week.  We have trained to move the barbell properly, quickly and efficiently via our barbell cycling over the last 10 weeks.  Now, we will work on doing so combined with heavy breathing and conditioning.  Expect to see some longer or shorter runs and rows, longer and shorter intervals, and snatches, cleans and shoulder to overheads.  Same IWT feeling, slightly different recipes.  We will continue to hit quality and core strengthening exercises towards the end to finish it off.


Performance care pieces: what do they mean and why do we need them?  Performance care pieces help us fill in the gaps in our training that the typical “CrossFit” movements create.  They’re not always fancy, but they are incredibly important in improving not only your overall health, but helping you improve your performance in all of those cool CrossFit movements we all strive to master.  What’s that?  Performance care can help me with snatches, cleans, muscle ups, and handstand push ups?  Exactly.  The competitive CrossFit athletes you see on television, social media, in competitions and around the gym do this stuff.  Trust us.  If they don’t, they will soon, or their careers will be very short.           

Gymnastics skills will continue to be worked in on these days, and we will be including them in the WODs more and more.  In the last cycle, we began touching on progressions for scaling and practicing muscle ups, handstand push ups and pistols.  We will start using them in our conditioning more this cycle.  If you have the skill, you’ll get to express, practice and test it out.  If you don’t have it yet, you now have learned the tools to start building to get there. 

Strength: Snatches, Cleans and/or Jerks
The months leading up to our current cycle (during and following the open) we focused on the Olympic Lifts from both a skill and strength standpoint.  We built each day from basic to more complex and then tried to go heavy.  We saw a lot of progress, improvement, and opportunity to coach and make positive changes in our technique.  We will be returning to that structure in this upcoming cycle.  We did plenty of fast, high paced barbell work these past few months, and we will continue to do so in our IWTs.  Thursdays will be dedicated to perfecting those lifts, learning and reinforcing the foundation, and building to new PRs.  You’ll also see those lifts worked into the WODS on these days. 

Baewatch and Jacked & Tan:
Technically, it’s still summer, and no one gets sick of looking jacked or shredded.  So we’re going to run through one more go ‘round of Beach Body work.  We’ll bring back some of the WODS and pieces from our original challenge in the spring so you can see improvement, as well as introduce some new ones to continue to challenge your strength, endurance, and of course, aesthetics. 

Again, this cycle will take us to October 21st.  What are we going to do next?  Our yearly cycles are built both on improving health and fitness, but also preparing for the Open season for those of us who like to be competitive or gage our improvement based on our Open performance.  This cycle will start heading in that direction.  Then, we will have another 8 weeks which will shift towards the Front Squat (important for cleans, thrusters, wall balls), WODs with barbell cycling incorporated into them, continued gymnastics skill development and use in WODs, continued Olympic Lifting technique days, and Performance Care mixed with long, bodyweight focused WODs (always in the open).  That will take us into the start of 2017 and the start of highly specific OPEN PREP. 

We hope this helps shed some light on the why behind what we do in class each day, and what you can expect in the upcoming months.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask a coach.  We are here to give you the best fitness experience by entertaining, inspiring, and educating you as much as possible.    As always, your feedback in helping us do so is welcomed and appreciated!

See you in the gym,

Coach Keith


"MURPH" is more than just a workout. It is a tradition that helps push us, humble us, and dedicate every ounce of pain and sweat to honor a man who gave everything he had for his country. 

"Murph" is an official CrossFit Hero WOD named after Navy Lt.Michael P. Murphy (Patchogue, NY) He was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005 age the age of 29 when Operation Red Wings was compromised. This was a mission to kill or capture a Taliban leader hiding in the hills of Afghanistan's Kunar Province. Trapped in a firefight behind enemy lines, the Murph was gunned down after he voluntarily abandoned cover in an effort to call for backup. His body was recovered on Independence Day and he was posthumously honored with 14 service medals, including the Medal of Honor, the Silver Star and Purple Heart. 

The last Arleigh Burke-class Navy Destroyer and a post office in Patchogue, New York, were named for him. The SEALS continued to teach cadets the workout he invented.

This workout was one of Mike's favorites and he named it "Body Armor." It first appeared on the CrossFit site August 18, 2005.

1 Mile Run
100 pullups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 Mile Run

(Wearing a 20lb vest or body armour as prescribed)
Partition the reps as needed.

This is my favorite and the most meaningful workout I have ever done. "MURPH" is also one of the biggest events in the entire CrossFit community. The energy, emotion and sense of camaraderie on Memorial Day is something you will rarely see in sports. This workout is a great test of mental toughness. It allows us to learn more about ourselves as we push through pain thresholds to accomplish our goals.

Just like any other CrossFit workout, this is modifiable for every athletic ability and injury that someone may have. "Half Murph" or even "Quarter Murph" are definitely options, especially for athletes who are new to CrossFit or new to working out. 

So on Monday May 30th, join myself and the rest of the CrossFit community as we honor a man who lived every day to the fullest and truly "set the standard" in life.

Check out this youtube video to get a better feel for it

- Coach Rob Moloney

Keeping An Open Mind - Taking the CrossFit Level 1 Course for the Second Time, Five Years Later

   “You need to revalidate your CrossFit Level 1”. These are words that no coach who has been in the game for five plus years ever wants to read. My weekends were already occupied by workshops that my office puts on at other gyms, and patient treatment, recently I had the fortune of adding spending time with my new daughter and working on my new house to the list. The last thing I wanted to do is go re-take a two day entry level course in a field of study I have been working to become a working authority in. 

    The Thursday before the Level 1 Seminar, I decided it was time to get my head out of my ass.  I needed to stop being negative about this experience and start looking forward to the opportunity in the experience. I’m constantly telling patients and athletes I work with to stop skipping steps to learn tricks and to start focusing on being exceptional at the basics. I find myself telling this to the best athletes I work with the most, probably because they are the ones furthest removed from learning and being interested in the fundamentals. So I asked myself what made me any better than them in my field? Had I reached my absolute maximum potential as a coach, as a seminar host, or a doctor? No. Did I stand to improve at any or all of what I do if I went to this workshop with an open mind? Yes. So that’s what I did. By Friday night I was excited for the opportunity to go learn the basics all over again. 

    51 people joined me at the Level 1 Seminar; at least 80% were taking it for the first time. My initial plan was to learn as much about presenting a seminar as is humanly possible, after all, CrossFit puts on hundreds of seminars per year, surely I could learn something from their experience. Not only did I end up learning invaluable information about how to put on a successful workshop, but I learned at least one thing from each of the five coaches who was there presenting. 

    Active Life workshops will be more organized and our message will be more clearly conveyed because Nicole Gordon, ran the tightest and most deliberate ship I have ever seen. The Athletes I work with will better understand what I need them to because Jennifer Hunter-Marshall demonstrated the importance of being a concise and dynamic speaker. My squat is improved because Dennis Marshall pointed our movement flaws that I didn’t notice on myself and could not feel without intentional coaching which I don’t make myself accessible to often enough. My overhead position is better and more comfortable because Conor Murphy pointed out that I was pushing too far through the range of motion when I didn’t need to. My hips will be more dynamic because Melissa Reed pointed out that I don’t open up enough at the top of any movements requiring hip extension. 

    My hope and my intention for the weekend was to pick up just one point of value that I could bring back to my patients, coaches, and athletes. My reality is that I am a better coach, a better doctor, a better seminar leader, and a better athlete because I attended a basic, entry level seminar in a field I’ve been living in for ten plus years. 

    It’s important that I share this experience with you because it was a great lesson in perspective for me that I think can be helpful for you too. I went to a seminar hoping to gain something, anything of value. It was a seminar I had attended five years earlier and been living the values of ever since. I had every reason to go with a poor outlook and low expectations, but I chose to attack it differently. I chose to give myself an opportunity to learn and to grow. What I found was that the depth of knowledge I was able to gain by simply being open-minded was exponentially more valuable than what I anticipated. My experience from this weekend is no different than when a coach asks an athlete with years of experience to improve his or her starting position in the bottom of a clean or snatch. It’s no different than when a track coach asks an athlete to stop heel striking. It’s the same as when a patient walks into my office with a problem I have seen a hundred times and I have to remind myself to be mindful during the examination and treatment. 

    My experience this weekend is an experience I hope everyone has as soon as possible. I don’t expect everyone to go take the CrossFit Level 1 seminar, don’t get me wrong. What I mean is I hope everyone takes the opportunity this week to go back to the drawing board with something they already feel very confident in. Strip away expectations and actively attempt to learn and grow. If you are walking into the gym this weekend, aggressively pursue a better squat. Ask a coach to help you even if you have done 10,000 squats in your life. Actually, ask a coach to help you especially if you have done 10,000 squats in your life. Pick one thing this week that you are already very experienced in and choose to approach that task as a novice. Be a rookie, learn, and grow outside the margins of your current experiences. 

- Dr. Sean Pastuch