In 2 weeks, our current training cycle will be coming to an end, and we will be doing some re-testing to see the changes we’ve made and prepare for the next cycles.  Much of the structure will remain the same for the next 8 week cycle beginning August 22nd and finishing October 21st, but there will be some differences.  We want to make sure you understand the what, when and why of what we’ve been doing and will be doing going forward so that you can better prepare and adjust according to your training goals.

For the last 10 weeks, we have varied our strength on Mondays with Olympic Lifts, squatting and deadlifting for either strength or endurance based on previous tests.  Tuesday IWTs have also varied different lifts, but kept a fairly consistent structure (i.e. 3 rounds with 2 minutes rest etc).  Wednesdays have been dedicated mostly to Performance Care type strength work and gymnastics skills.  Thursdays have been packed with barbell cycling as well as overall conditioning, and of course, Fridays have featured Jacked and Tan and Baewatch work outs.

Below you will find the structure for the next 8 weeks and the purpose for each part.  Be sure to read through the reasoning and expectations for each session.



Strength: Back Squats and Deadlifts based off of single leg strength and endurance.

WODS: Short, fast, power intervals.

Squatting vs. Step Ups will depend on single leg strength vs squatting strength.  We will test these in the week prior to beginning the cycle.

Endurance vs Strength will be retested for deadlifts and we will continue to work them accordingly.

We will continue to work on shorter, high intensity interval pieces on Mondays to develop anaerobic power (quick and fast burners).  This does not mean the work outs will all be short or have low amounts of work.  They will just be structured so you work hard and fast, rest, then repeat.    




We will continue to work our IWTs (interval weight training) but the structure will vary and will include the Olympic lifts each week.  We have trained to move the barbell properly, quickly and efficiently via our barbell cycling over the last 10 weeks.  Now, we will work on doing so combined with heavy breathing and conditioning.  Expect to see some longer or shorter runs and rows, longer and shorter intervals, and snatches, cleans and shoulder to overheads.  Same IWT feeling, slightly different recipes.  We will continue to hit quality and core strengthening exercises towards the end to finish it off.


Performance care pieces: what do they mean and why do we need them?  Performance care pieces help us fill in the gaps in our training that the typical “CrossFit” movements create.  They’re not always fancy, but they are incredibly important in improving not only your overall health, but helping you improve your performance in all of those cool CrossFit movements we all strive to master.  What’s that?  Performance care can help me with snatches, cleans, muscle ups, and handstand push ups?  Exactly.  The competitive CrossFit athletes you see on television, social media, in competitions and around the gym do this stuff.  Trust us.  If they don’t, they will soon, or their careers will be very short.           

Gymnastics skills will continue to be worked in on these days, and we will be including them in the WODs more and more.  In the last cycle, we began touching on progressions for scaling and practicing muscle ups, handstand push ups and pistols.  We will start using them in our conditioning more this cycle.  If you have the skill, you’ll get to express, practice and test it out.  If you don’t have it yet, you now have learned the tools to start building to get there. 

Strength: Snatches, Cleans and/or Jerks
The months leading up to our current cycle (during and following the open) we focused on the Olympic Lifts from both a skill and strength standpoint.  We built each day from basic to more complex and then tried to go heavy.  We saw a lot of progress, improvement, and opportunity to coach and make positive changes in our technique.  We will be returning to that structure in this upcoming cycle.  We did plenty of fast, high paced barbell work these past few months, and we will continue to do so in our IWTs.  Thursdays will be dedicated to perfecting those lifts, learning and reinforcing the foundation, and building to new PRs.  You’ll also see those lifts worked into the WODS on these days. 

Baewatch and Jacked & Tan:
Technically, it’s still summer, and no one gets sick of looking jacked or shredded.  So we’re going to run through one more go ‘round of Beach Body work.  We’ll bring back some of the WODS and pieces from our original challenge in the spring so you can see improvement, as well as introduce some new ones to continue to challenge your strength, endurance, and of course, aesthetics. 

Again, this cycle will take us to October 21st.  What are we going to do next?  Our yearly cycles are built both on improving health and fitness, but also preparing for the Open season for those of us who like to be competitive or gage our improvement based on our Open performance.  This cycle will start heading in that direction.  Then, we will have another 8 weeks which will shift towards the Front Squat (important for cleans, thrusters, wall balls), WODs with barbell cycling incorporated into them, continued gymnastics skill development and use in WODs, continued Olympic Lifting technique days, and Performance Care mixed with long, bodyweight focused WODs (always in the open).  That will take us into the start of 2017 and the start of highly specific OPEN PREP. 

We hope this helps shed some light on the why behind what we do in class each day, and what you can expect in the upcoming months.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask a coach.  We are here to give you the best fitness experience by entertaining, inspiring, and educating you as much as possible.    As always, your feedback in helping us do so is welcomed and appreciated!

See you in the gym,

Coach Keith